Scientific Program

Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend European Psychologists & Psychiatrists Meeting Budapest, Hungary.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Peter Woodruff

Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Keynote: Auditory hallucinations: where do they come from?

Time : 10:00-10:45

Psychologists Meet 2020 International Conference Keynote Speaker Peter Woodruff photo

Professor Peter Woodruff MBBS, PhD, MRCP (UK), FRCPsych. (UK) is Head of Mental Health Research at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar; Professor of Psychiatry Weill Cornell-Qatar Medical College and Visiting Professor of Psychiatry at Sheffield University, UK where he set up the internationally renowned Sheffield Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory (SCANLab). He previously worked at the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry, London; Baltimore USA and as a Fulbright Fellow at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. His research interests are in understanding the causes and mechanisms of mental illness.


Auditory hallucinations are common and distressing symptoms that occur in a number of conditions including schizophrenia. Various hypotheses have been suggested as to their pathophysiological mechanism.

This work describes a series of neuroimaging studies that provide evidence to support the hypothesis that:

1.auditory hallucinations derive from excessive reactivity of sensory cortical regions invoked by auditory sensory perception

2.that those reactive regions involve specific modules that process aspects of auditory perception that, together, contribute to how real those percepts are experienced

The model proposed is one which goes some way to explaining why these experiences are real to those who perceive them, in the absence of an external stimulus, and may provide pointers towards new approaches to treatment.